Miantenace – Hazardous Area


‘ A combination of any actions carried out to retain an item in, or restore it to, conditions in which it is able to meet the requirements of the relevant specification and perform its required function’.

At EMI Electrical we know that maintenance and servicing is vital to ensure your workplace is safe and operating at maximum efficiency.
We ensure our personnel are up to date with current Health and Safety practises and do our best to ensure that all sites are safe before proceeding with any work.

Maintenance is always an important part of any plant, but never more so than in a hazardous environment, where close attention must be given to the maintenance of electrical apparatus.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             EMI’s experience in the maintenance and inspection of hazardous areas allows us to provide a tailored, concise and cost effective maintenance program that will best suit our client’s plant.  

This is achieved via the following maintenance services:

  • Review existing or develop new maintenance programs in conjunction with our clients.
  • Review inspection time frames and level of detail.
  • Preventative Maintenance.
  • Inspections & Audits.
  • Permanent Maintenance Staff available.
  • Emergency call out Electricians available.
  • Shut down teams available.
  • Labour Hire.

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